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Who We Are

Los Angeles Consulting Group (LACG) is a consultancy focused on providing outsourced and back office business development services to our clients. Unlike other sales consultants we integrate our offerings into the client’s corporate culture and available resources.

Who Are You

You are an established enterprise looking to increase your public exposure, create or strengthen your pipeline, establish yourself in new markets and/or establish additional professional relationships. You may feel that your firm’s growth has stalled or needs a new perspective to provide it the impetus to move to the next plateau in its evolution. You most likely meet the following criteria…

Annual Revenues: 750,000- $10 million


  • Business Services (such as human resources or payroll companies)
  • Professional Practices (i.e. certified public accountancies and law firms)
  • Consulting Firms (for instance, risk management consulting)
  • Select Financial Service Firms (for example, property/casualty insurance)

What We Do

  • Business development audits.
  • Back office support.
  • Outsourced business development.
  • Meet and Greet /Public Exposure Events.
  • Business development/sales strategy

 What We Have Done Recently

  • Provided outsourced services resulting in client obtaining $80 k in new contracts within 6 months.
  • Oversaw and implemented back office support and reformation of business development strategy for professional practice resulting in 30% increase in of number audits within 1 year.


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