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Elegant Table

An “Elegant Table” Experience

The ultimate goal of networking is to create partnering relationships that funnel business to your firm and allow you to have trusted resources to which you can refer your clients. Finding the right “center of influence” is often more difficult than discovering emeralds in the sand of Santa Monica Beach.


LACG offers you a new way to be more effective in your networking activities; An Elegant Table:


  • Limited number of attendees;
  • Attendees are targeted to meet the host’s specific goals;
  • Thousands of potential attendees from a large cross section of industries and practices;
  • RSVP process discretely and efficiently overseen;
  • An elegant meal, high tea or cocktail hour;
  • Stylish venues such as the historic The Culver Hotel and Café Roma;
  • Event is expertly facilitated with an agenda that is focused on creating the most value for the host and participants in a reasonable period of time; and
  • Attendee follow up process professionally overseen to ensure the Host achieves maximum results.

Five Steps to an Elegant Table Experience

Los Angeles Consulting Group’s Elegant Table program is focused on reducing client’s opportunity costs and increasing effectiveness in the creation of referral relationships.

Typically it takes the average professional or corporate executive ten initial meetings to find a single potential center of influence. For a professional practice to grow, most experts suggest that you would need a minimum of five to seven “centers of influence;” in other words at least fifty to seventy initial meetings just to start the process!

LACG’s Elegant Table may save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted business development resources.


  1. Identify Host’s goals and strategy of the Elegant Table
  2. Target potential attendees that meet Host’s requirements and needs
  3.  Invite potential attendees and replace those that cannot make it with suitablealternatives
  4. Facilitated by LACG/ShurGrowth, the Elegant Table Event is guided to ensure thatHost’s strategy is implemented
  5. Follow up with attendees identified by Host after the event for one on one meetings

Contact us  when you are ready to get started on your “Elegant Table” experience.

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