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Kathleen J. Tepley

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Founder & CEO of Los Angeles Consulting Group (LACG), an international business development practice primarily serving family offices, closely held operating businesses, philanthropic foundations, and differentiated service providers in the private capital markets.

LACG hosts two different business development advisory practices, both managed by Kathleen. 

LACG’s network enhancement practice proactively provides clients with strategic counsel and timely, curated introductions to relevant business partners within LACG’s ecosystem. Through LACG’s event production practice, Kathleen and her partners conceptualize and produce public and invitation-only private events for the global private capital community designed to enhance awareness of the client’s brand (the Lido Family Office Investment Symposium based in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica through 2010 – 2019 which was co-supported and co-produced by LACG, for example).  In 2021, after supporting the Family Office Association out of Greenwich, Connecticut, in 2018, she joined as the Managing Director for the next phase of growth for the organization.


Kathleen’s business partners appreciate her for her personal warmth, her tireless dedication to their success, and her sterling reputation within the industry – but most importantly, they appreciate her for her ability to convert genuine, empathic connection with other human beings into sustainable, mutually beneficial personal and professional success stories.  She has a long history in charitable giving and volunteer positions.  Kathleen and her firm are active advisory members and participants within other Exit Planning Communities, such as the Conejo Valley and Greater Los Angeles EPI Leadership Committees, and the family office community, such as The Global 51 (TG51) and Global Family Office Community (GFOC) organizations.

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