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Family Office & Investor Dinner - San Francisco

Guests: 23

Profile: Family Offices, UHNWI, Investors

Crafting Legacy Through Multifamily Developments and Strategic Acquisitions - a Family Office Investor Dinner hosted by Crossbeam Capital. This was a curated evening to connect and share innovative ideas with fellow family offices in San Francisco.

​​Our host, Crossbeam Capital, is a private real estate firm focused on Multifamily Developments and Value-added acquisitions. The firm comprises leaders with over 100 years of combined real estate experience and a promising record since 2010.

  • ​​$2.3 billion in 45 round-trip transactions

  • ​​Over 12,000 apartment units and realized returns of 34%+ IRR on 45 exits

  • ​​Named top sponsor by the Boulder Investment Group (BIG), a local organization of 600+ investors

​​In this event, guests were given the chance to engage in discussions and gain valuable industry insights on the following:

  • ​​The current housing crisis on the front range and in the mountains

  • ​​How to address the critical housing needs

  • ​​Benefits of working with an experienced real estate sponsor to access regular deal flow

  • ​​Improve portfolio’s performance and lower volatility

  • ​​Profit with Purpose

​​Learn more about Crossbeam

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