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Crossbeam Capital Recognized Among Boulder Investment Group's Pristine 16 List

Crossbeam Capital is included in Pristine 16 list by Boulder Investment Group

Crossbeam Capital is a private real estate firm focused on multifamily developments and strategic acquisitions and is also a corporate partner of the Los Angeles Consulting Group. The firm has been recognized for its unique approach and honored in the Boulder Investment Group's prestigious Pristine 16 list. 

The investment club with a strong network of over 700 investors, Boulder Investment Group (BIG), accepts members by referral only. They are dedicated to expanding their knowledge across multiple asset classes and accessing high-quality deal flow. With 78% of its members qualified purchasers (QPs) and collective investable assets surpassing $10 billion, BIG offers a dynamic platform for collaborative investment opportunities. Grounded in the belief that collective expertise enhances investment outcomes, BIG focuses on opportunities that have already demonstrated success among its members, ensuring a robust selection of promising ventures.

The Pristine 16 list is an exclusive collection of top-tier investments in BIG's community with the most outstanding ventures. Over its 14-year history, BIG has showcased more than 200 offerings, with only a few earning a spot on this prestigious list. These investments stand out for their exceptional performance - and many are still open to new investors.

Qualifying for the Pristine 16 of such organization is no small feat. Investments must meet stringent criteria, including a minimum of three years since the initial presentation, substantial collective investment from BIG members, material exits or distributions, and meeting or surpassing target financial metrics such as net IRR, CoC, and MOIC. Additionally, they must demonstrate ongoing potential for growth and success.

Aviator Apartments in Colorado Springs

Aviator Apartments, Colorado Springs, CO | Crossbeam Capital's Project IRR: 40.7%

Crossbeam Capital's inclusion in the Pristine 16 list is due to its exceptional performance and adherence to stringent standards. With a target return of 12% IRR, Crossbeam surpassed expectations with an impressive 24% IRR and 1.7x return on investment across three exits. This reinforces Crossbeam's prowess in underwriting and execution over the past three years.

Reflecting on the recognition, William Brad Blash, Managing Partner at Crossbeam Capital, said, "We are incredibly honored to be recognized among BIG's Pristine 16 list. This achievement is a product of our team's unwavering dedication, expertise, and relentless pursuit of value for our investors."

He added the importance of patience and persistence in building value for its investors. These two have been instrumental in achieving remarkable outcomes and established Crossbeam as a trusted partner for investors seeking superior returns.

Aside from the investment returns, Crossbeam is working relentlessly to provide affordable housing options for the workforce community in the Rocky Mountain region.

Learn more about their projects on the upcoming webinars:


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